We are developing technology for neural network simulation (in particular the Brian simulator) and electrophysiology (intracellular and extracellular).

Research Projects


The Brian simulator

Brian is a simulator for spiking neural networks available on almost all platforms. The motivation for this project is that a simulator should not only save the time of processors, but also the time of scientists. The simulator is being developed in collaboration with Dan Goodman (Imperial College, London).


The Spyking Circus

The SpyKING CIRCUS is a python code to allow fast spike sorting on multi channel recordings. It is inspired from the following publication, but not exactly similar. Performance, speed and robustness of the previously described algorithm have been improved, and details will be published soon. It has been tested on datasets coming from the retina with MEA, and also from hippocampus with tetrodes. Datasets need to be first preprocessed by a high-pass filter, to remove any spurious artefacts.




Intracellular recording

We have developed two model-based techniques for electrode compensation in single-electrode intracellular recordings.